Care Package on its Way!

I received confirmation today from Red Thread China that they delivered my care package to Bing Qiao.  She received a photo album with lots of pictures of the family, a momma and baby panda bear and a camera for the orphanage to take pictures to send back to us.  They also sent a huge cake for all the orphanage children to enjoy.  I also got to write her a letter they translated into Chinese for me.  The letter tells her who we all are and how excited we are to add her to our family.

I cannot wait to see the pictures.  I know the last update confirmed they have told her she is being adopted so hopefully having the pictures will better prepare her for the change ahead.

Here are the pictures from Red Thread on what was sent.

As a side note, there is a Chinese proverb that says when two people are destined to meet there is an invisible red thread that ties us together across space and time, and no matter what the obstacles its holds our paths together and keeps the bond from breaking.

The Red Thread agency in China helps connect families across great distances so I think there name is very appropriate.

We have travel visas!

Today I received our passports back from the Chinese Consulate in Chicago.  There is a travel visa affixed to an inside page of each passport.  So, we are officially welcome to enter China.

Today was also a special day in that it marked our first day of significant shopping for Lily’s arrival and our trip.  Julia, Grandma and I ventured to both the Learning Express and Toys R Us to find some fun and engaging toys for both the hotel room stay and the airplane.  We also were able to buy some clothes thanks to receiving her measurements.  We are guessing she is about a 3T or 4T in clothes and 36 months in shoes.  We found several very cute pajama sets with silk pants with hippos on them.  Julia is very envious and wishes she was small enough to get fun clothes again.  Oh well.  She also loved the peanut butter scented stickers we were able to buy as well.  Looking forward to more fun shopping as we begin to prepare for travel.  Below is another fun photo of Lily playing with a bead toy.


Update on Lily!

Today we received an exciting update about Lily which was as follows:

Child: Yin Bing Qiao

Date of Birth: 6/30/2008

Location: Yi Yang SWI

The following information was received via SSIT by email on May 21, 2012

Bing Qiao is an active child with an extroverted personality who loves to laugh, but she doesn’t have a lot of courage when meeting new people. She knows that her parents will be coming soon to meet her and take her to a new home to live. Bing Qiao has a set caregiver to whom she is very attached to. She can take care of younger sisters and brothers by playing with them.

She has been pretty healthy lately and has not been sick.

Bing Qiao’s has good eating habits and is not a picky eater. She eagerly eats the food provided by the institution and has not experienced any food allergies.

Now she can speak 5-6 word sentences using simple everyday vocabulary. She can count within 10 numbers.

She can eat on her own, rinse her mouth and put on and take off basic clothing, she needs help from adults to zip zippers or fasten buttons).

Current measurements: head circumference 49.8 cm, chest circumference 50.8 cm, height 97 cm, weight 13.5 kg, foot length 14 cm.

Julia and I are very excited and immediately got out a ruler to figure out how tall she is and try to guess her measurements.  According to the internet research we did, she seems to be a little smaller than an average 3 year old in terms of height, and about the size of a 2 and a half year old in weight.  So we will definitely need to getting her eating healthy.  Ironically, she currently weighs the same as our dog Misha.  So, it gave us a nice comparison.  Also in terms of her vocabulary, 5 to 6 word sentences is actually right on track for her age, so she seems to be doing well developmentally.

It sounds like she has a great personality, lord knows we can always use more laughter in our lives. So, that is the latest news update!

Journey Timeline

It certainly has been a long journey on the road to bring Lily home. We began last August with our homestudy.  Then received our I-800A approval from immigration, sent our dossier to China in January and received approval from China in March.  We then received our I-800 approval from immigration in April and our NVC communication in May. 

Steps remaining:  Article 5 issuance should occur on May 30th  and hopefully China will issue travel approval by the week of June 11th.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.  From there it should be 2 to 3 weeks until we travel. 

Message of the day!

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