Care Package on its Way!

I received confirmation today from Red Thread China that they delivered my care package to Bing Qiao.  She received a photo album with lots of pictures of the family, a momma and baby panda bear and a camera for the orphanage to take pictures to send back to us.  They also sent a huge cake for all the orphanage children to enjoy.  I also got to write her a letter they translated into Chinese for me.  The letter tells her who we all are and how excited we are to add her to our family.

I cannot wait to see the pictures.  I know the last update confirmed they have told her she is being adopted so hopefully having the pictures will better prepare her for the change ahead.

Here are the pictures from Red Thread on what was sent.

As a side note, there is a Chinese proverb that says when two people are destined to meet there is an invisible red thread that ties us together across space and time, and no matter what the obstacles its holds our paths together and keeps the bond from breaking.

The Red Thread agency in China helps connect families across great distances so I think there name is very appropriate.

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