One last update on Lily before departure…

We sent a series of questions to the orphanage about Lily requesting some personal information about her lifestyle and preferences before our arrival.  Here is what we received.

Bing Qiao currently eats the same food as the other children in the orphanage. Other than not being able to eat spicy food she does not have any restrictions. She likes to play games with other same age children and watch cartoons. Her bed has railings on it and she sleeps soundly.

 On the morning of Jun 16 she was playing with friends and fell down while running. She hit her chin which caused a 1.5 cm wound. The wound is now a scab and is not infected.

 We received the photo album and toys that Bing Qiao’s family sent. Through the photographs she saw her mom, sister, and other family members. She knows she will have a new family but we don’t think she understands the true meaning of adoption.

 Bing Qiao is an active child. Since she has grown up in the institute and has not had much contact with the outside world she feels nervous and scared in unfamiliar situations. When she is angry she expresses herself by lowering her head and not talking, ignoring people, and sometimes crying. This does not last long and you only need to hug her and comfort her with a few words of praise and she will be better. 

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