It’s official!

Today we went to the civil affairs office and signed the papers legally making Lily my daughter. I was finger printed and she was hand printed.

The orphanage director returned today to sign the papers. When Lily saw her she got down went over and looked at the lady and smiled. She then came back and climbed on my lap. There were no tears and she has been doing well with us.

We then went to Walmart and bought a stroller, got her some new shoes because the ones we brought were too small, and bought water and soda.

Lily absolutely loves the stroller. For her it is like a Disney ride and she squeals with delight.

We had lunch with a nice couple who adopted a tiny little 5 year old. The are from Pennsylvania and this is there second adoption from China. They were really nice and the girls got along well. After lunch we all went to the play room and Lily and Maddie went down the toddler slide about 30 times. Each time Lily rolled with laughter at the bottom of the slide.

We had pizza for lunch which used ketchup instead of tomato sauce. I guess they feel it is the same. But from our perspective it tasted awful.

We have been taking it easy in the room tonight. We did get a visit from Alicia the hotel hospitality provider. She brought me her homework for her English class and asked if I could help her with a few questions. After reviewing several, I offered to take all 10 pages of sentences and go through them for her. She beamed and is very grateful. She said she would come back and see us tomorrow. As it turns out we have an extra gift that was not needed for the paper signing today. It contains coffee, a pen set and a necklace. We plan on giving it to Alicia for making our stay do nice.

Tomorrow is a free day. We will be meeting our guide in the afternoon to go to a local park.







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