Museum visits

Today was a fairly quiet day in our travels. We stayed in most of the morning and our guide picked us up in the afternoon. We were originally supposed to go to the adoption center for some paperwork but the meeting was cancelled due to some urgent meeting at the center. We are supposed to get the materials tomorrow when we pick up Lily’s passport. Hopefully nothing will go wrong, as we are catching the 5:30pm flight to Guangzhou.

This afternoon we toured the Changsha city museum and the silk and embroidery institute. It is only 1 of 10 schools in all of China that teach the art of hand embroidery. We saw some beautiful pieces there. In the city museum we learned that in early times Changsha was the birth place of bamboo books as a method of recording words. We also learned that there are over 50,000 characters in the Chinese language as compared to our measly 26. No wonder it is so hard to learn. They also were one of three kingdoms in early China that had the ability to make bronze. In the silk museum we saw some amazing artistry. You would never know some of these works were embroidered. The are so well done they look like paintings or photos. Two of my favorites are below. The Mona Lisa and the portrait of Einstein.

But for me the highlight of what has already been a long trip was the small taste of western culture when we stopped at McDonalds for dinner. Yeah! A hamburger in China tastes the same as one back home! Of course, never mind that my guide had me run across 6 lanes of busy traffic to get it, but hey what’s a little danger for a taste of the golden arches!

Anyway hopefully tomorrow will go off as planned with us getting our papers and getting the 5:30 flight out of here!













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