Getting to Guangzhou

Well today was an interesting day. It began with a knock on our door about 2am. When I looked out the peep hole on the door there were two scantily Asian women with a bottle of alcohol in their hands. I decided not to open the door and they left. In the morning we found a business card shoved in the door for a local prostitution service. I guess my guide was right when he said Changsha was all about the entertainment business.

We went down to breakfast and then went to the 5th floor where we had been invited to the hotels singing competition by our guest service rep who was singing. She had been very nice to us and as we had nothing else to do this morning we went.

We went into the large conference room and watched the hotel talent show. You might be interested to know the Chinese have a real fascination with 80’s music. Nothing like hearing Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA – sung in Mandarin. Alicia, was in the second set of singers. She did a duet to the hit song from high school musical, and did it in English. The whole audience had those little plastic clapper hands and they would wave them wildly for their favorite singers.

We generally kept to ourselves sitting in the back just enjoying the show, until Alicia got up on stage and announced to the entire room that her new American friends had come to the show. Suddenly about 300 Chinese hotel employees turned around in their seats and about 200 camera flashes went off in our faces. As the only 2 white people in the room with little Lily, we were photographed and videotaped like something you would see in the next edition of the Enquirer.

My vision returned a few moments later, having been blinded by the camera flashes, and fortunately the tech guy decided enough time had been spent on the strange white folk and he started the music for the next song. Alicia did a nice job, but did not win. But we had fun watching the show.

After that we went back to our room to rest a while before check out at 2:30. Alicia had arranged for us to check out late to accommodate our travel schedule. We then drove to the adoption office only to find out, they would not release Lily’s passport. Apparently, they do not like my agency who hires and uses their own staff I each province to process adoptions instead of hiring the government agency. So, while all the other families got their passports at 3pm, 3 families were told we could not have them until 5pm. This was a problem for our 5:30 flight.

So our guide took us to the airport and then said he would go back and get her passport and get it to us tomorrow. I was not happy about this, but what could we do?

We checked in at the airport and got to our plane only 15 minutes before boarding. We then sat on the runway for 40 minutes because the tower would not clear us for take off. We finally arrived in Guangzhou and found our guide named Elsie. She is great! She was on top of my passport issue and said she would have it for me in the morning. She handed me an itinerary for the next few days and called ahead to make sure the room was properly set up for us.

The hotel is wonderful. It has a nice sitting room separate from the beds and good air conditioning which we missed in our last hotel. We will take some pictures of it tomorrow but were just too tired tonight.

Anyway, tomorrow we go for Lily’s medical and hopefully get her passport.

So, to sum up the day- we endured hookers, singers, blinding camera flashes, and obstinate communist government workers who abuse their power. Gee sounds like an episode of Jerry Springer!




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