Shaiman Island

Today we got up and assessed everyone’s health. Julia broke her fever. Lily was doing well and my sinus infection was tolerable. So, we decided to take the group trip to Shaiman Island. This is an isolated part of Guangzhou built between a canal and the Pearl river. The buildings look like 18th century Europe and are very pretty. We walked around for two hours and did some shopping. Apparently this is the location for all the local wedding photos as we saw at least 4 different bridal parties taking pictures.

We also went to the Temple of Sun yu. This is the Chinese leader who actually led the rebellion in China to end the dynasties rule of China. It was very pretty.

We then came back to the hotel and worked on preparing our paperwork for Tuesday’s consulate appointment. We then took an afternoon rest.

At 5pm the group gathered to go to a group dinner at the New Hakka restaurant. I did not recognize any of the dishes ordered for the group except fried rice, nor did Julia and I eat much. Oh well, tomorrow night we will go to Pizza Hut.

Tomorrow we have to go back to the medical office to review the TB skin test results. Our guide looked at Lily’s arm where she was pricked and said her results were negative, which is Great News! Unfortunately, the little girl in the wheel chair has had a big red bump form at the injection site. This means she will have to have a chest x-ray taken tomorrow for them to decide whether she can go home or has to be quarantined for 4 to 6 weeks. My heart goes out to that family. We are all praying the x-ray comes back clean. Anyway, I will let you know how things turn out, but for now things look good for Lily.










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  1. Barbara Krautkramer
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 09:11:19

    Thank God for the news on the TB test. Keep praying for the x ray. We want you all home. Miss you.


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