We got up bright and early this morning and headed off to the Safari Park. It is kind of like Busch Gardens for those of you have who have ever been to one. It has lots of zoo animals, a train ride through the park to see various animals and a few amusement rides. The difference here is China has limited safety measures for the animals and the people. For example, I got some of the best animal photographs I have ever taken in my life because there were no fences or glass between us. Also, in many cases you can bring food to feed the animals. On the riding portion of the tour the animals can actually walk right up to the train (which is actually a zoo mobile). Further, you can also drive your car through this part of the park. They advise not to get out of your vehicle but of course there were foolish Chinese people throwing chunks of food to the lions, tigers and bears! Oh my! We spent about 3 hours walking around seeing lots of animals in the extreme heat. This park breeds tigers that are sent to Zoos all around the globe. They had over 150 tigers on site and have the largest breeding program in the world. Of course, the highlight of the trip for me was seeing over a dozen pandas. They were big and cuddly and I wish we had them back home! I have some fabulous pictures on my good camera which you will have to see when I get home. They also had quite a few red pandas which were also beautiful.

Oh we also happened to be touring exhibits on the same route as a local Chinese news crew who thought it was great fun to include the Americans in their footage. So, if anyone watches Chinese news you might see us.

After the safari park, we went back to the medical facility and got the results of our medical exam. Fortunately everyone was negative for TB. Yeah!

We then went back to the hotel and bought our train tickets to Hong Kong for Wednesday.

After a short afternoon rest, we then went to Pizza Hut for dinner. It was excellent! Interestingly wait staff are not allowed to accept tips here. So when I tipped our waitress she tried to give it back. When I explained it was for her good service she said it was not allowed and they would donate it to the orphan children’s fund of which they are a sponsor. Kind of ironic considering why we were here in the first place.

There were also some interesting people at dinner the man at the table next to us was actually sleeping while waiting for his food. (picture included)

After dinner we toured the shopping mall by the restaurant. We got Julia some very chic new clothes for school.

Tomorrow we need to be up early as we have an 8:30 consulate appointment. Not sure how we will spend the afternoon, but will let you know when we do.

I hope you are all doing well. Julia and are very much looking forward to getting home and we are only days away.
















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  1. Barbara Krautkramer
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 08:22:43

    your so lucky to see all those tigers and pandas. wow. can’t wait to see your pictures.


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